Home Building

Welcome Home Haiti has purchased and implemented a compressed earth block machine, mixer, and hammer mill from Dwell Earth ( see www.dwellearth.com for more details).  This process takes a mixture of 47% dirt, 47% sand, and 6% cement and hydraulically compresses the mixture under 1500 psi to create building blocks that exceed strength standards for cement blocks in the U.S. 


The raw materials to make the blocks are cheaper than for cement block, allowing us to hire 25 men to make the blocks.  This provides income and discipleship for an additional 25 Haitian families. 


We are building all of our WHH houses with compressed earth blocks, and we also built our Field Director residence with the blocks. 


Our vision is to sell the blocks retail, and we are contracting to build structures for other ministries, in addition to the WHH houses.