Jacques and Rosette Regis: Matched! New home September 2020

Children: Cherline Age 23, Maxon Age 21, Ashline Age 10

Jacques and Rosette live in the small community of Saccanville just two miles from the Welcome Home Haiti campus.  They have been married for 23 years.  Both are baptized believers and active in the Pillatre Christian Church.   

Rosette serves on the Dorcas committee and is also a member of one of the churche evangelization teams. 


     They have two daughters and one son.  













They are currently living in a two room block structure that they started many years ago and have never been able to finish.  The roof leaks terribly when it rains.  

If you have had the opportunity to travel to Haiti and stay at our guest house, you might recognize Rosette.  She is also one of the evening cooks on our host staff team.



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