Job Vixamar Family: Interviewed May 2018: Matched! New home April 2019

Wife: Jilitre(Tata) Age 32, Son: Alexandre Age 14, Daughter: Alexandra Age 13, Son: John Kennedy Age 2

Job Vixamar and his wife "Tata" live in the village of Saccanville just one mile down the road from Pillatre.  Job is employed as a security guard and gate keeper by Emmaus Bible Seminary.  He and his wife are both baptized believers who are actively involved in the Maranatha Church in Saccanville.  They currently live with their three children in a 10 x 14 foot structure just a block from the seminary.  It is a mud/stick hut that consists of two rooms.  One room is used for storage and one room is the bedroom for the entire family of 5.  The celings of the house are plastic table cloths. The house sits on land that they do not own.  They do own a piece of land directly across the street from the seminary.  Son Alexandre and daughter Alexandra both attend the Pillatre Christian





















Tata and John                 Alexandre and John 

John Kennedy Age 2    


Alexander, John Kennedy, Alexandra


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