Joseline Louissant Family: Matched! New home in May 2019

Children: Erlouse Age 23, Wendy Age 22, Jessnica Age 10, Wesly Age 6

Joseline and her four children live on the main road close to Pillatre Christian Center.  Joseline accepted Christ as a girl and has attended the Pillatre Christian Church her entire life.  She is active in the Dorcas group and is also a member of the church cleaning committee.  

She and her children currently live in a structure that is unsafe.  All 6 of them sleep in this one room shack. It measures approximately 10 x 10 and has a dirt floor. Posts literally prop it up.  Every time it rains, their beds and all their other belongings are wet.  Their current "home" is clearly one of the worst we have witnessed.  

Joseline shared that during the recent earthquakes, they were sure it was going to fall over.  This family is in desperate need. 





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