Jude Pierre Family: Matched! New home March 2019

Jude(age 42) Judette(age 42) Judeline (daughter age 22) Anderlove(daughter age 20) Judlande(daughter age 14) Judley(son age 11) Judson(son age 8) Sterline(son !8 months) Brianna(granddaughter 7 months) Granddaughter 6 months (not pictured)

The Pierre family attends Pillatre Christian Church. Judette is a member of the usher committee.  Their current home is a small three room structure with dirt floors.  Plastic tables cloths cover the ceilings to try and protect the interior when it rains.  Two adults, 6 children and two grandchildren live in the 12 x 12 structure. 

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