Ketline Michel Family: Interviewed September 2021

Father of Ketline: Demacial Michel, Children: Joseline Michel: girl, age 20, Gerladine St Juste, girl age 9, Gerventz St Juste, boy, age 7





Ketline is a single mother of 3.  She has her work cut out for her.  Her oldest daughter, Joseline, is severly handicapped.  She is unable to walk and has very limited speech.   Ketline is also responsible for the care of her elderly father, Demacial.  


They live in the small community of Saccanville, not far from the Welcome Home Haiti campus.  Their house is in bad repair. There are two small rooms where all 5 of them sleep.  The roof leaks everywhere leaving them wet and surrounded by mud every time it rains.  


Ketline is working hard to support her family by washing clothes for others.  She has attended a church in Saccanville previously but now attends Pillatre Christian Church.  






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