The Ossa Family: MATCHED! New home February 2022

Fritzmane and Leannie Ossa, Children: Fritznel age 20, Frantz age 21, Fabienne age 17, Fridland age 14 and Frindline age 12

Fritzmane and Leannie Ossa have five children.  Several of them were in school and not present for the family photo.  

The Ossa family lives in the rural village of Labreye and attend the Evangelical Church of Labreye with Pastor Eldain Joseph.  

Both Fritzmane and Leannie are born again, baptized believers who were married in 2001.  

They are very active in the church serving as ushers and singing in the choir.  Fritzmane is also president of the spiritual formation group.  

Their current home is a very small stick house with a dirt floor and compromised roof. 


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