Wilmer and Charite Phillipe: Matched! New house September 2021

Children: Renaldo age 21, Wildin age 18, Wilnika age 16, Cathiouska age 13, Falanka age 10, Sophonie age 6

Charite and Wilmer Phillipe live in the community of Haut de Haine. They attend the church of Pastor Phito which is located close to their home.  Both Wilmer and Charite are born again believers who have been baptized in the church.  They have been married for 11 years and have 6 children.  



Charite bringing chairs for us.  The structure on the left is her kitchen and behind it the house.  All 8 of them live in this small stick house.   

 The Kitchen 

 The house


Charite is very involved in almost every activity of the including worship team Sunday school, cleaning and other things.  


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