Family Profiles

Welcome Home Haiti's primary focus is the family.   All families interviewed and approved by Welcome Home Haiti leadership are born again believers who are active in their local church. The following families are currently waiting to be matched with a partnering group. 

Rodlin and Marline Pierre:Interviewed October 2016

Children: Derley Age 7, Kerley Age 4

The Rodlin and Marline Pierre family currently do not have a home of their own. They are living with Rodlin's blind mother in a stick/mud house.  While…

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The Ozirus Family: Interviewed March 2016

Marijo is an active member of the Pillatre Christian Church.  She and her husband Verdieu have been married over 25 years.  They have 5 grown children.…

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Delourde Groman and Giles Augustin:Matched! New home June of 2017

8 children: Ages 21, 18, 16, 13, 8, 6, 6, and 9 months

The Groman family lives in the village of Lory and attends the Lory Christian Church. Pastor Jacques married Delourde and Giles last year.  They have both…

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Lizette Pierre: Interviewed June 2016

Children: Miquette 42, Liline 30, Ebren 20, Emerson 18, Watson 14, Janette 7

Lizette lives with her 6 children in one small room of a stick house that is plastered with mud. There is one table and one bed. Most of the family sleeps on the…

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Loudie Cesar: Matched! New home October 2017

Children: Eveline 15, Phainise 8, Kendly 5

Loudie and her 3 children live in a stick house with dirt floors.  The house is patched on all sides to try and protect the interior from the weather.  During…

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