Raising up Godly men


Over time, our project has grown in depth and now includes spiritual mentoring for the Haitian men we employ. Homes are more than just structures; a true home includes the people inside as well. In Haiti, the percentage of absentee fathers is too large.  In an effort to honor God and help relieve this problem, we have implemented a two-step plan.

  • First, we mentor the men who work on our houses to be Christian husbands, fathers, and church leaders.  We start each day with devotion, held weekly Bible Studies, and monthly service projects.
  • Second, we have given these men work so they can provide for their families. With the high unemployment rate in Haiti, men tend to leave their families because of shame related to their inability to support them. We fervently believe that through introducing these men to God’s love, and providing them with employment, their self esteem will improve and they will become better fathers and caretakers of their own families.