Family Profiles

Welcome Home Haiti's primary focus is the family.   All families interviewed and approved by Welcome Home Haiti leadership are born again believers who are active in their local church. The following families are currently waiting to be matched with a partnering group. 

The Gilbert Family: Interviewed October 2017: Matched! New home in July 2019

Children: Blondey Age 7, Daissa Age 5, Jeriel, Peniel Age 3 (tiwns)

Lucny and Marie have been married for 7 years.  Lucny accepted Christ at the age of 22 and Marie at the age of 19. They have both been baptized. They are active…

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The Gilbert Family: Interviewed October 2017

Children: Uriel Age 3, Ariel Age 10 months

Joselucner and Irland have been married for 3 years. They are active members of the Evangelical Church of Labruyere. Joselucner became a believer in 1995 and Irland…

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Renaud and Francoise Valcourt: Matched! New home in December 2018

Children: Saskia Age 17, Ernand Age 8, Kalantz Age 6 weeks

Renaud and Francoise currently live in a house made of sticks, mud, and thatched walls. The house leans significantly and has dirt floors.  Renaud and Francoise…

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Job Vixamar Family: Interviewed May 2018: Matched! New home April 2019

Wife: Jilitre(Tata) Age 32, Son: Alexandre Age 14, Daughter: Alexandra Age 13, Son: John Kennedy Age 2

Job Vixamar and his wife "Tata" live in the village of Saccanville just one mile down the road from Pillatre.  Job is employed as a security guard…

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Joseline Louissant Family: Interviewed September 2018

Children: Erlouse Age 23, Wendy Age 22, Jessnica Age 10, Wesly Age 6

Joseline and her four children live on the main road close to Pillatre Christian Center.  Joseline accepted Christ as a girl and has attended the Pillatre…

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Jean Eddie Pierre and Nancy Vixamar Family

Children: Samira 8 years, Mackensie 8 years, MIrales 4 years

Jean Eddie, Nancy and their family are currently living in a stick and plastic structure.  This structure is far off of the main road.  It is approximately…

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Dieulouse Casseus and Anouse Gulisant Family

Children: Carmen Age 25, Desir Age 23, Delens Age 18, Dejanae Age 14, Kaprisca Age 10

The Casseus family lives in the village of Haut DeHaine.  They are members of the Haut DeHaine Christian Church. They have been together for 30 years. They…

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Anouse Toussaint Family

Children: Mikerlange Age 26, Ronaldo Age 14, Vayson Age 11, Wesley Age 7

The Toussaint family of 6 lives far off of the main road in a stick and mud structure with a dirt floor.  Grandma also lives with them.  They have been…

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Leomane Joseph: Interviewed October 2018: Matched! New home in February 2019

Children: Nathaniel age 12, Machelie age 10, Ephraim age 9, Jephte age 7, Loudwige age 4

Leomane Joseph and her 5 children live in small structure along Route #1 Nationale between Emmaus Bible Seminary and Pillatre Christian Center.  Leomanes husband…

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