Family Profiles

Welcome Home Haiti's primary focus is the family.   All families interviewed and approved by Welcome Home Haiti leadership are born again believers who are active in their local church. The following families are currently waiting to be matched with a partnering group. 

The Gilbert Family: Matched! New house August 2019

Children: Uriel Age 3, Ariel Age 10 months

Lucny and Irland have been married for 3 years. They are active members of the Evangelical Church of Labruyere. Joselucner became a believer in 1995 and Irland…

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Anouse Toussaint Family: Matched! New house October 2019

Children: Mikerlange Age 26, Ronaldo Age 14, Vayson Age 11, Wesley Age 7

The Toussaint family of 6 lives far off of the main road in a stick and mud structure with a dirt floor.  Grandma also lives with them.  They have been…

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Danise Dolce Familly: Matched! New home July 2019

Children: Darline 32, Rodney 28, Arold 27, Rodlin 26, Vern 25, Nickson 25, Edaire 23, Chelsea 12

Danise Dolce is the widowed mother of 8 children.  Four adults and 6 children live together in a stick house that someone else allows them to use.  She…

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Venise Pierre Family:Matched! New House in September 2019!

Children: Miaky Age 21. Odeil Age 17

Venise Pierre is a single mom. She and her two children are neighbors of the Hari family and the Welcome Home Haiti compound.  Her son Miaky has been employed…

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Jonel Lima and Rose Joseph: Matched! New home in September 2019!

Children: Del Age 17, Nashly Age 14, Laika Age 10, Kadessly Age 4, Baby Due soon!

Jonel, Rose and their children live in a 10 x 12  two room stick structure with a dirt floor.  Jonel is a fisherman and is away from the family alot. …

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Yalie Pierre Family: Matched! New home coming in November 2019

Children: Mackenson Age 29, Fabiola Age 26, Tatianna Age 24, Fritson Age 17, Blanto Age 13

Yalie and her children currently live in the village of Saccanville, just down the road from Pillatre.  Yalie is a widow. Their current home is a stick and…

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Dieula Charles Family: Matched! New house January 2020

Children: Fritz Gerald 23, Gessica Age 22, Awens Age 15

Dieula Charles is a single mother who lives in a two room structure with her three children.  The house is made of concrete block but has numerous large…

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Michelot Jean Poix: Matched! New home July 2019

Children: Mikelson age 11

Michelot is a devoted single father.  He works full time as a security guard for Welcome Home Haiti.  His son Mikelson is 11 years old.  They currently…

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The Jean Family: Matched! New home November 2019!

Children: Alynx age 12,Alixstrid age 8, Alex age 5

The Jean family currently rents a room in the small community of Acul du Nord.  Mom and Dad live with their two youngest children.  They do not own a…

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The Donnson Family: Matched! New home October 2019!

Children: Benjamin 20 months

  Aly Blaise Donnson is a graduate of Emmaus University.  He is a pastor who recently completed his Masters degree.  He and his wife Nadege currently…

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The Thelusma Family: Interviewed April 2019

Children: Lovelynne 24, Angeline 22, Olanda 19, Yonel 18

  Renel Thelusma and his wife and four children live in the village of Lory.   They currently do not own a home.  They attend the Lory Church,…

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