Family Profiles

Welcome Home Haiti's primary focus is the family.   All families interviewed and approved by Welcome Home Haiti leadership are born again believers who are active in their local church. The following families are currently waiting to be matched with a partnering group. 

Irlange Presendieu Alexi, Frusner Presendieu: Matched! New house in 2021!

Deby (girl) age 26 yrs, Dahana (girl) 18 yrs, Guilson (boy) 7 yrs

Frusner and Irlange Presendieu live near the Pillatre Christian Church. They have 2 daugthers and 1 son. They currently live with Irlange's mom because they…

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Dennis and Silacia Rood: Matched! New house starting in May!

Children: Roodnayson Age 4, Family member of Silacia: Nadia Age 14

  Rood and Silacia currently live in one room that they rent.  They are parents to Roodnayson and have also taken in a family member of Silacia's…

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Rosie Donatien Age 59 Interviewed February 2021

Daughter: Shelda Age 9

Rosie Donatien is a member of the Labreye Evangelical Church.  She was converted and baptized in 1997.  She currently lives in one room of another church…

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Alcime Family.. George age 46, Gulson Age 46. Matched New home coming soon!

Children: Ginel Age 22, Jenny Age 20, Fredlin Age 17

The Alcime family attends church at Haut de haine in the community of Camp Louise. They live in a two room stick and mud house.   George and Gulson were married…

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Alouidor Family.. Frandy Age 32, Chelina Age 26. Matched! New house June 2021!

Children: Francesca Age 8

 The Alouidor Family attends the Haitian Christian Ministries church plant in Haut-De-Haine. Both Frandy and Chelina are born again believers. They will be…

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Fritznaire Family: Milda Age 36, David Age 40 Matched! House coming in June 2021

Children: Kenya Age 8, Standley Age 6

  David and Milda Fritznaire attend the Evangelical Church of Flavil.  They do not currently own a home but live with Milda's mother.  Milda…

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Jacques Family: Cius Age 50, Emani Age 47 Interviewed February 2021

Children: Fanise Age 29, Gefney Age 24, Gempsley Age 21, Wisline Age 19, Loudney Age 12, Wanthia Age 8

The Jacques family attend the Evangelical Church of Flavil.  Both Cius and Emani are born again baptized believers.  They currently live together in a…

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Atelia Joseph: Interviewed May 2021

Children: Rodley (boy) age 12, Rodline (girl) age 11, Rolindy (boy) age 6

Atelia and her family live in a small tin shack with a dirt floor close to the Pillatre Christian Church. There are two beds for 7 people. Her husband Rodlin is…

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George and Gerda Talabert: Interviewed May 2021

Children: Siedlin (girl) age 10, Tama (girl) age 6

The Talabert family do not have a home of their own. They live in a structure owned by someone else.  They do own land on which to build a home.  George…

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Emmanuel and Anelle Cherenfant: Interviewed May 2021

Samuel (Male) age 28, Jamesly (male) age 24, Marese (female) age 23, Mikerline (female) age 17, Maxon (male) age 22

The Cherenfant family doesn't own a home. They are currently staying in someone else's home. They do own land to build a home on. Emmanuel and Anelle have…

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