Family Profiles

Welcome Home Haiti's primary focus is the family.   All families interviewed and approved by Welcome Home Haiti leadership are born again believers who are active in their local church. The following families are currently waiting to be matched with a partnering group.


Daughter: Shelda Age 9

Rosie Donatien is a member of the Labreye Evangelical Church.  She was converted and baptized in 1997.  She currently lives in one room of another church…

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Lorime Family: MATCHED! New home January 2021!

Stephan and Emma, Children: Ermose age 28, Bidos age 24, George age 10

The Lorime family are from the small village of Haut de Haine.  They attend the Haut de Haine Christian Church pastored by Phito August.  Stephan and…

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The Soliver Family Interviewed October 2021

Children: Mianta age 27, George age 19

The Soliver family lives in the village of Haut du Haine and attends the church of Pastor Phito August.  Mrs. Soliver is a widow who has two children currently…

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The Ossa Family: MATCHED! New home February 2022

Fritzmane and Leannie Ossa, Children: Fritznel age 20, Frantz age 21, Fabienne age 17, Fridland age 14 and Frindline age 12

Fritzmane and Leannie Ossa have five children.  Several of them were in school and not present for the family photo.   The Ossa family lives in the rural…

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The Alexi Family Interviewed November 2021

Veniel and Tida, Children Diana age 12 and Velonda age 1

The Alexi family currently lives in the small village of Labreye.  They attend the Evangelical Christian Church of Labreye pastored by Eldain Joseph.  …

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Julienne Family Interviewed November 2021

Elyson and Camilla, children Elyson Jr age 22 and Nastahe age 18

The Julienne family lives in the rural village of Labreye and attends the Evangelical Christian Church of Labreye pastored by Eldain Joseph.   Both Elyson…

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