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Our History

In 1999 co-founder Steve Hari and his 17 year old son Tyler traveled to Haiti on their first mission trip. Little did they know the long term impact this would have on their family.  The Hari family returned together in 2001.  Their involvement with the community of Pillatre, Haiti continued to grow with each passing year.  In 2010, they started Welcome Home Haiti, and in 2017, they moved to Haiti to run the ministry full time.  


After 10 years, it was clear that the people's spiritual, medical, and educational needs were being met by the local church, medical clinic, and school.  However, most families went home each night to homes made of sticks and mud. The need for safe, secure, and sanitary housing was obvious.  Welcome Home Haiti was established as a 501c3 ministry in the spring of 2010 with the goal of building one home per year for a Haitian family.   God's plan is much larger, and today we are building 4 houses per month, or 48 per year!  


Please join us in blessing a Haitian family and our employees, and in the process, receiving a far greater blessing.