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Get Involved

Ways to get involved:

1.  Contribute to, or fund an entire house.  Current cost is $20,500 for the 3 bedroom house, 2 stall outhouse, furniture, and household items.  

2.  Contribute monthly to fund the block factory, salaries, employee lunches, maintenance, supplies, etc.  Current need is $15,000/mo.

3.  Pray for the country of Haiti, WHH, and the families that need houses.  Also pray for the spiritual growth of our employees and their families.  

4.  Share WHH with your friends and/or church and encourage them to get involved.  


We have a 100% pledge that all donations go to the core pillars of the ministry.  No part of your donation goes to Administrative costs.  We have specific donors that cover all of our Admin costs.  

Donate Online


Send donations to:

Welcome Home Haiti

PO Box 9

Gridley, IL 61744