What's Next?

While God has blessed this ministry beyond our wildest vision and expectations, we are always looking for the next step in His will and plan for WHH.  There are several future plans that we are prayerfully and obediently pursuing. 

2018 Goals

1. Provice 12-15 houses for Haitian families in the Pillatre Community and elsewhere

2. Complete school project, medical clinic project, widows home project

3. Complete fundraising for dormitory construction

4. Construct security wall around property for dormitory

5. Expand block production and efficiency with additional equipment

6. Implement 52 week bible study curriculum


Five Year Goals:

 1. Build 50 houses/year

 2. Employ 100 men

 3. Expand discipleship program to include topics such as financial planning, marriage, parenting

 4. Begin Bible study and mentoring program for teenage girls and women

 5. Grow beyond Pillatre to other communities in Northern Haiti. 

 6. Expand the block business, contract on other construction projects

 7. Open retail store


Contact us if you can help financially with the one time or monthly costs.  Thanks!