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What we do

Our Mission

Welcome Home Haiti does 3 things:

1.  Build houses for Haitian families most in need.

2.  Employ as many Haitians as possible.

3.  Disciple those we are doing life with.  


Physical security (houses) + Financial security (employment) + Spiritual security (discipleship) = Healthy families


At Welcome Home Haiti, we believe that everyone deserves a livable home and our mission is to contribute to making that a reality.  Through this process, we provide jobs for 100+ employees.  We begin each work day with a devotion, hold weekly Bible Studies, and monthly service projects in the community.  We work with local churches in Haiti, and volunteers and donors to build homes for those in need. 

Home Building

Partnering with donors, the local church, and Haitian
contractors to provide safe, secure, and sanitary housing.



Consistent and adequate income through employment,

providing financial security for Haitian families.




Mentoring Haitian men to become Godly husbands, fathers,

church leaders, employees and brothers in Christ.