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Home Building (Details)

The Process

1. The process starts with the local church nominating families for homes, based on WHH requirements

2. WHH leadership interviews each family to ensure they qualify. 

3.  WHH then matches the family with a supporting individual or group to fundraise for the house.

4.  Welcome Home Haiti employees 8 masons and their teams to pour the foundation and construct the walls of each house.  

5. A Haitian carpenter and his team complete the doors and windows.  

6. Typically, the group who funded the construction of the home will travel to Haiti to complete the home with the family.  They may do some, or all, of the following:

                  a. put on the roof

                  b. apply concrete sealer to the house

                  c. build furniture

                  d. present a care package of household items

                  e. participate in the dedication ceremony

7. The new house is dedicated  and handed over to the family.

















                           Dedication Service