Make Twice the Impact

Thanks to generous gifts from people like you, we were able to meet the $120,000 match at the end of August. Here's a special message from our team in Haiti!


The Challenge

You can help Welcome Home Haiti meet one of our long-term goals... to become self-sustaining.


HOW can we get there? In part, by building 4 houses a month. Regardless of whether we can host visiting teams, regardless of what is happening in the world, building 4 houses a month makes the block business self-sustaining.


Those of us born and raised in the United States and Canada will never understand the transformation that occurs when a family moves from a stick structure with mud floors and a leaky roof to a dry, secure, beautiful three-bedroom home.  


What we CAN and DO understand is the importance of consistent, dignified employment for over 100 men and women. We CAN understand the sense of satisfaction in being able to feed our families, educate our children, and provide for our own needs. We DO understand the importance of mentors and the role those who disciple us play in our spiritual growth and well-being.  


Welcome Home Haiti is ALL of these things. When you support WHH, you enable us to support Haitian families in a variety of critical ways.


We have the chance to come together and boost the ministry to build 4 houses every month. 4 families being transformed. Additional employees being added to meet all the work demands. Self-sustainability for the compressed-earth block business. In spite of the pandemic, in spite of no visiting teams, in spite of the state of the country.  


Not a penny given goes to WHH's administrative or fundraising fees. 100% of your gift goes to building houses in Haiti. Guaranteed.   


SO, we need you. We need you to come alongside us and join where God is working.


Give Today!


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